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Xavier Schoepfer, Vigneron récoltant


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It was in 1980 when Xavier Schoepfer settled in, after obtaining his Certificate of Technical Education in wine-growing and oenology. As the family building was too cramped, he decided to extend the holding. This is how the exploitation grew through years.


among seven districts, including one great vintage, the Hatschbourg, in Hattstatt. This allows us have a complete and varied range of wines. The encépagement gathers the seven Alsatian grape varieties. The Chardonnay is used for the production of the Crémant, it brings complexity and freshness.

Répartion des variétés de cépages Alsaciens dans la production des vins d'Alsace du domaine Xavier Schoepfer

The vine is grown in double guyot pear on most of the exploitation, which allows getting a controlled productivity but also a constant quality of grapes.
The phytosanitary struggle is measured and controlled. The vine is weeded, either naturally or with the provision of a vegetal cover made of rye. This will bring the organic matter needed for the vegetative cycle of the vine. Plus the weeding avoids gully erosion of the vineyards which is a common land-surveying on the estate.


The grape harvests are 80 % handmade. It allows us to select the best bunches for some grape varieties. The pressing is restricted, as it sometimes may cause a layer soaking.


The juice extraction by pneumatic wine-press, the juice yeasting, the control of temperatures and the following of the fermentation promote the aromatic expression of each vine variety. The vines are filtered after winter when they are organically stable; they are then bottle-filled in spring. The average production is about 750 to 800 hl per year; 5 to 10% are sold unbottled while the major part of the production is sold in bottle at the estate.  About 80 000 bottles are hence sold each year.

Répartion des ventes de vin du domaine Xavier Schoepfer en Alsace

The reception of the temporary clients is made at the family vault, a friendly place, which is perfectly suitable for tastings. Two French holiday cottages, classified with “3 épis”, are also available on the estate; with a capacity of 4 and 6 people; you will stay at the heart of the vineyard, perfect setting for all oenologists.


Nous vous accueillons dans notre caveau pour les dégustation Vues panoramiques des vignes


E.A.R.L Xavier SCHOEPFER Vigneron - Récoltant
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